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24/7 Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care in the Mission, Overland Park and Kansas City Areas

Pet emergencies include everything from difficulty breathing to poisoning, seizures to heatstroke, open wounds or fractures to hidden trauma or illness. If your pet is experiencing an emergency the pet emergency team at Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty is here for both you and your pet.  Our expert team  will provide the emergency and critical care your pet needs, no matter when your pet needs it.  We are open 24/7 in Mission, KS serving the pets of Mission, Overland Park and Kansas City. If your pet is injured, or suddenly develops symptoms of a life-threatening disease, call us right away or bring your pet directly to our emergency hospital.  Proper emergency care should be initiated quickly. If you have any questions or concerns about whether your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, please call us at (913)722-5566.

Handling an Injured Pet

Be careful handling your pet because even the most loving pet may bite when it is in pain, scared or injured.

Our team members are committed to delivering the best veterinary care possible to each and every pet that enters our emergency facilities. When you enter our doors, our receptionist will greet you and the triage nurse will assess the medical status of your pet. Just like human emergency departments, our patients are seen on the basis of medical priority, with the most life-threatening cases first.

Is it an emergency? Common symptoms associated with an emergency:

Emergencies include:

Pet Poison Control

If you think your pet has ingested or otherwise been exposed to a poisonous substance and is showing any of the following symptoms please call ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center or bring your pet to Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty immediately.